Cheese and Biscuits



Ever had one of those moments of pure food utopia? Mine normally occur when I've just eaten my own body weight in cheese, biscuits and chutneys.

We were just weighing up what to cook for the first night of our weekend away, when we found The Better Food Company food hall and deli on Whiteladies Road in Bristol.

This marvellous establishment has the largest array of gluten free products I've ever seen, has a selection of gluten free cakes to takeaway or have with a drink in their cafe and it has a cheese counter!

I selected a box of Nairn's gluten free oat biscuits and large hunks of Bath Blue and Manchego cheese.

We also bought a jar of Quince Cheese (chutney/jam) which has become our accompaniment of choice.

After stocking up on cider at Weston's in Herefordshire, (close to where we were staying) we settled in for an evening of pure gluttony. 

Food Hall & Deli
94 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2QX
0117 946 6957

A couple of niggles, the cafe wasn't very appealing here but I'm sure it's a lot nicer at the 'proper' cafe. And the gluten free stuff was all mixed in with everything else, resulting in a bit of aimless wandering and moments of disappointment.

Shop & Café
Sevier St, St Werburghs, BS2 9QS
0117 935 1725
(The cafe serves Genius bread with their breakfasts!)

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