Top Gluten Free Products

A friend of mine is trying to go without gluten and asked me if I had an recommendations. Well it's hard to know where to start. Every meal of the day is a challenge. Products are expensive and if you're not used to cooking everything from scratch, ready meals are very limited.

So, it got me thinking; what gluten free items can't I live without? After giving it a lot of thought, here are my Top 5 staples. (Please note, not all of these products are marked 'gluten free' some are without gluten ingredients. Most of the products listed, with the exception of the Graze boxes, are available from larger UK supermarkets.)

1. Dietary Specials Ciabatta Rolls.
I choose these because they are also egg free and when toasted they make delicious sandwiches and burgers (albeit small ones.) Of all the GF products I buy, I buy these most often.

2. Rice Noodles.
Great for bulking up stir fries or just with a bit of Chinese flavouring for a quick lunch. See also Instant Rice Noodles. Cheap and full of flavour.

3. Graze Boxes.
Just cancel all the gluteny boxes and you'll just receive mini packs of gluten free, healthy and nutritious snacks. Perfect for on the move or chucking into yoghurt.

4. Chorizo.
The Bath Pig Chorizo and the cooking chorizo from Asda are both gluten free and make any meal 100x better.

5. McCain Smiles and Waffles.
I always try to keep some of these in the freezer. So useful for those 'can't be arsed to go shopping' days.

And these are my gluten free 'treats'. Not bought or eaten daily 
but I would still have a girly strop if I couldn't get them any more!

1. Amy's Kitchen Mac & Cheese.
Quick, handy and very, very tasty.

2. Mrs Crimbles Bakewell Slices.
Contain egg but once in a while, when I'm feeling naughty (or already damaged) these are a perfect treat. Definitely my favourite from the legion of GF sweet snacks on the market.

3. Dietary Specials Frozen Pizza.
Almost as good as home cooked. Lovely toppings and a crunchy base. Again, contains egg, so a rare treat for me.
4. Hale and Hearty Flapjacks.
Chocolate topped oaty yumness. But oh, so expensive at almost £3 a pack.
5. Starbucks/Marks and Spencer/Sainsbury's ready made gluten free sandwiches.
There they go with all that egg again (this time a triple whammy with mayo and sometimes actual egg) but no doubt useful for those 'I am starving and in a train station' situations (seems to happen to me a lot).


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