Gluten Free Cake & Cream Tea in Cornwall!

Is there any better sight than a little sign under a cake that says 'Gluten Free'?

It's especially thrilling when you least expect it. I was minding my own business in a queue for ice-cream when I spotted this sign. And next to it...gluten free scones!

The place was Jessie's Dairy in Mousehole, Cornwall. Gluten free scones + Cornwall = Gluten free cream tea!

I have to say that I stuck to my Mocha ice-cream (which was fab) and didn't try the cookies or cakes on offer but (and this is the really jammy part) my father in law lives in Mousehole, so I'm sure I'll be back :)

Jessie's Dairy
11 Fore Street  Mousehole, Cornwall TR19 6TQ
01736 732192


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