REVIEW - Sakata Gluten Free Rice Crackers

The ultimate gluten free snack has got to be the rice cracker. The rice cracker has a bad reputation as being about as exciting as dish water and normally I would agree. However, there is a gap in the market for a 100% gluten free snack which is low calorie and convenient for travelling etc.

I was sent some Sakata crackers recently (all 4 flavours! Ooh, get me) and have to say that they fit perfectly into that gap.

The flavour pictured - Sour Cream and Chive were definitely my favourite, although the other flavours are great too. Yes, you have the background taste of rice cracker (which isn't my favourite flavour in the world) but the added flavours are so good you forget all about it.

The cheese crackers remind me of Mini Cheddars and are splendid with a cheeky bit of cheddar or cream cheese. The Sizzling BBQ flavour are great with hot sauces or blended to make spicy 'breadcrumbs' for chicken etc. And the original flavour can be used instead of Graham Crackers in many American dessert recipes, for example as a cheesecake base.

I took a couple of packets camping and they survived my bag and damp tent as well as providing much needed sustenance late at night alongside my alcoholic beverage.

Sakata is available now in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Co-op and Ocado in 100g trays for a RRP of £1.99.

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