RECIPE No Cook Noodles

I work from home so I can put together lunches that might prove a bit more tricky in a staff room. The thing is, you can easily spend your whole lunch break making lunch so I devised a lunch that requires no cooking but satisfies my chilli cravings.

What you will need:
1. Rice noodles. I picked these ones up from Tesco and because they are so thin, you just need to leave them in boiled water for around 8-10 mins to soften.
2. Soy sauce. This one is gluten free and I picked it up from Wai Yee Hong, a Bristol based Chinese supermarket.
3. Chilli oil. This one is sooo good. It has chilli, oil and peanuts in it and has a very distinctive flavour. Use carefully as whatever you put it in will taste of this rather than just chilli. It also came from Wai Yee Hong.
4. Oyster Sauce. This one came from the same place and contains no gluten related ingredients. (Probably not suitable for celiacs.)
5. Tuna. Just your common or garden tinned tuna will do.
6. Something crunchy. Mine was missing something with crunch, so try crushed peanuts, spring onion, water chestnut, sweetcorn, pepper etc.

Boil the kettle. Fill a large bowl with the boiled water. Put the noodles in the water. Leave for 8-10 mins. Drain off most of the water. Add a tablespoon of each of the sauces. Stir. Add the other ingredients. Season to taste. (Though soy sauce is very salty so salt might not be needed.)

The result is a lovely, steamy, spicy bowl of deliciousness. Wear a napkin and tuck straight in :)


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