Gluten Free Tapas @ The Old Bookshop Bristol

Me and my husband enjoyed a very good meal at The Old Bookshop in Bedminster recently. I believe I found them on Twitter first and noticed that many of their tapas dishes on the website had that shiny shiny 'GF' next to them.
How to describe the food? Imagine if your Mum owned a quirky pub and was Spanish and cooked lovely dishes using simple ingredients and served all the food on her mismatched crockery from the past 30 years. Throw in some great choices behind the bar and you have made 2 regular customers.

It was pretty busy even on a Thursday night

The ceiling

The bread and olives - whopping olives for the GF people

Garden peas, salt and mint goats cheese with pea shoots

Piri Piri chicken with roasted red onions

Broad beans with chorizo, black pudding and shallots

A new favourite - Wyld Wood cider from Westons :)

The Old Bookshop
65 North Street


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