Bristol Harbourside Market Goodies

Who says BBQs have to be carb heavy or unhealthy? This beautiful plate of food was created during a clement Sunday last month. (Come back sunshine!)

I have a 100% beef burger from Aldi, roasted sweet potatoes (I roasted them in the oven with chilli and garlic), red pepper, tomato, lettuce a dressing made from basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and an especially fabulous jalapeno cheddar from The Bristol Cheese Company. They're new, so no website etc yet but try to visit their stall at the Harbourside Market. All their cheeses are amazing!

I also picked up this gorgeous rye loaf from the market. The Bordeaux Quay bakery has a bread stand at the Harbourside Market and the rye bread is very good. (Unfortunately I later discovered, or remembered, that I don't cope very well with rye!) However, if you're only wheat free then this bread is for you!

You will also find Cafe Cake at the market who sell a range of gluten free cakes as well as 'normal' cakes.

This market is reason one million why I feel so lucky to live in Bristol :) 


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