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Bristol Harbourside Market Goodies

Who says BBQs have to be carb heavy or unhealthy? This beautiful plate of food was created during a clement Sunday last month. (Come back sunshine!)

I have a 100% beef burger from Aldi, roasted sweet potatoes (I roasted them in the oven with chilli and garlic), red pepper, tomato, lettuce a dressing made from basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and an especially fabulous jalapeno cheddar from The Bristol Cheese Company. They're new, so no website etc yet but try to visit their stall at the Harbourside Market. All their cheeses are amazing!

I also picked up this gorgeous rye loaf from the market. The Bordeaux Quay bakery has a bread stand at the Harbourside Market and the rye bread is very good. (Unfortunately I later discovered, or remembered, that I don't cope very well with rye!) However, if you're only wheat free then this bread is for you!

You will also find Cafe Cake at the market who sell a range of gluten free cakes as well as 'normal' cakes.
This market …

RECIPE No Cook Noodles

I work from home so I can put together lunches that might prove a bit more tricky in a staff room. The thing is, you can easily spend your whole lunch break making lunch so I devised a lunch that requires no cooking but satisfies my chilli cravings.

What you will need:
1. Rice noodles. I picked these ones up from Tesco and because they are so thin, you just need to leave them in boiled water for around 8-10 mins to soften.
2. Soy sauce. This one is gluten free and I picked it up from Wai Yee Hong, a Bristol based Chinese supermarket.
3. Chilli oil. This one is sooo good. It has chilli, oil and peanuts in it and has a very distinctive flavour. Use carefully as whatever you put it in will taste of this rather than just chilli. It also came from Wai Yee Hong.
4. Oyster Sauce. This one came from the same place and contains no gluten related ingredients. (Probably not suitable for celiacs.)
5. Tuna. Just your common or garden tinned tuna will do.
6. Something crunchy. Mine was missing som…

REVIEW - Sakata Gluten Free Rice Crackers

The ultimate gluten free snack has got to be the rice cracker. The rice cracker has a bad reputation as being about as exciting as dish water and normally I would agree. However, there is a gap in the market for a 100% gluten free snack which is low calorie and convenient for travelling etc.

I was sent some Sakata crackers recently (all 4 flavours! Ooh, get me) and have to say that they fit perfectly into that gap.

The flavour pictured - Sour Cream and Chive were definitely my favourite, although the other flavours are great too. Yes, you have the background taste of rice cracker (which isn't my favourite flavour in the world) but the added flavours are so good you forget all about it.

The cheese crackers remind me of Mini Cheddars and are splendid with a cheeky bit of cheddar or cream cheese. The Sizzling BBQ flavour are great with hot sauces or blended to make spicy 'breadcrumbs' for chicken etc. And the original flavour can be used instead of Graham Crackers in many Am…

Gluten Free Tapas @ The Old Bookshop Bristol

Me and my husband enjoyed a very good meal at The Old Bookshop in Bedminster recently. I believe I found them on Twitter first and noticed that many of their tapas dishes on the website had that shiny shiny 'GF' next to them.
How to describe the food? Imagine if your Mum owned a quirky pub and was Spanish and cooked lovely dishes using simple ingredients and served all the food on her mismatched crockery from the past 30 years. Throw in some great choices behind the bar and you have made 2 regular customers.

It was pretty busy even on a Thursday night
The ceiling
The bread and olives - whopping olives for the GF people
Garden peas, salt and mint goats cheese with pea shoots
Piri Piri chicken with roasted red onions
Broad beans with chorizo, black pudding and shallots
A new favourite - Wyld Wood cider from Westons :)
The Old Bookshop
65 North Street