Gluten Free Recipe Challenge - Mint

It's BBQ weather (almost typed BBW there, whole different kind of weather) so lucky I've been working on  a delicious burger recipe utilising The Gluten Freek gluten free recipe challenge ingredient, Mint.

The challenge is no dairy, egg or gluten and you must use mint.

As I was making these, I had a funny feeling that my fellow gluten free bloggers may have had the same idea. So fingers crossed we haven't all done burgers!

Ingredients for the burger

Lamb Mince
Salt and pepper
Handful of fresh mint
1/2 Dietary Specials Brown Ciabatta roll
1 Orgran No Egg substitute


Blend the ingredients to a paste.
Add several mint leaves towards the end of the blend, to get bigger pieces in the final mix.
Form into patties and shallow fry until cooked through (about 4 minutes each side.)

At first, I made unblended patties, but they crumbled apart in the pan. I prefer my burgers with texture but unfortunately these seem to work much better when you blend them first.

For the Harissa 

Bit of a cheat here. Use Hugh's recipe.
Slight amendments I made - I used red onion and I fried it first as my husband is a bit of an onion-phobe. I de-seeded the chillis as I wanted to taste the mint in the burgers.

We served with Dietary Specials Brown Ciabatta rolls, and hummus. (No salad, woops forgot to buy some again.)

The result is a very tasty burger with the combination of mint and harissa working surprisingly well. Small but perfectly formed. I'll be making these again this summer.


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