Gluten Free Oaty Granola

I recently discovered a new breakfast. This is a pretty rare occurrence as I'm egg free as well so my options are very limited!
On week days I will usually have a couple of Graze boxes or toast with peanut butter. I'm usually happy with small or non existent breakfasts because I've never felt right after breakfast. I'm pretty sure this goes back to when I was growing up and often felt sick before school and sometimes even threw up on the way to school. I used to think that I just couldn't eat that early in the morning, but now I can see, quite clearly, my problem was that breakfast was cereal with cow's milk! Poor ickle me!

Anyway, those days are sort-of behind me and I want to start enjoying cereal for breakfast.

I tried out Sainsbury's award winning Oaty Granola and was pleasantly surprised. In the picture I've served it with soya yoghurt and honey but it's also great with soya milk (or cow's milk if you're that way inclined.)

It's a proper granola, not just oats and raisins, but chunks of nice things that give it a crunchy texture, with different flavours in every mouthful.

Afterwards I purchased a bag of comparable cereal from a different supermarket just to check the difference, and it was remarkable. The other cereal was dusty, dry and had way too many raisins and not much else. A cereal like that tends to turn milk or yoghurt into a sort of paste. Which is never nice.

There was none of this with the Sainsbury's cereal and I can see why they won the Free From Food Awards prize for breakfast cereals this year!

Give it a go!

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