Coeliac Awareness Week

It's Coeliac (or Celiac) awareness week next week.

Check out the Coeliac UK website for lots of offers from companies supporting the cause.

There's money off food, competitions, discounts on meals out and all sorts!


  1. hi, i am working on a new business start-up in the GF sector. I have also been accepted to take part in BBC3s Be Your Own Boss program. As part of my first task I am looking to sell a small number of GF gift hampers. This is unrealted to my business idea but is part of the programme. Was hoping that you might consider putting a feature on your blog. In return I will try to fit in a mention on my short film which may get aired on the programme if I make it through to the next round.
    Please let me know, will provide email upon reply
    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Tony, Thanks for getting in touch. Please post your email here so I can get in touch - or you can contact me through my profile.


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