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Jubilee Crisps!

It's almost time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. God bless Liz, she's a Corgi fanatic like me so she must be all right.
I'm not sure what I'm doing to celebrate. I think I'll try to find a local street party. Bristolians have applied for more street parties for the Jubilee than anywhere else in the UK!
If I manage to find somewhere, I'd like to take along a special edition bag of Tyrrells's crisps.
They come in a big 'share' bag and the red white and blue colouring is very patriotic. And they are delicious too.
I'm a big fan of Tyrrells. Their Crinky Veg Crisps got the thumbs up and I'm always struck by how great they taste. The simple ingredients are top quality and perfectly combined, making a really tasty and moreish crisp.

The Jubilee crisps are made from 3 special heritage potato varieties and there's a bit of beetroot in there too, to add a bit of extra redness and flavour.

They are available for a limited time from some of t…

Gluten Free Recipe Challenge - Mint

It's BBQ weather (almost typed BBW there, whole different kind of weather) so lucky I've been working on  a delicious burger recipe utilising The Gluten Freek gluten free recipe challenge ingredient, Mint.
The challenge is no dairy, egg or gluten and you must use mint.
As I was making these, I had a funny feeling that my fellow gluten free bloggers may have had the same idea. So fingers crossed we haven't all done burgers!
Ingredients for the burger
Lamb Mince Salt and pepper Handful of fresh mint 1/2 Dietary Specials Brown Ciabatta roll 1 Orgran No Egg substitute
Blend the ingredients to a paste. Add several mint leaves towards the end of the blend, to get bigger pieces in the final mix. Form into patties and shallow fry until cooked through (about 4 minutes each side.)
At first, I made unblended patties, but they crumbled apart in the pan. I prefer my burgers with texture but unfortunately these seem to work much better when you blend them first.
For the Harissa 

Pigging out in Dorset!

I've just returned from 4 days in Portland near Weymouth. We got a brilliant deal with Groupon for 3 nights at a B&B. I hadn't gone with the intention of finding gluten free food. It seemed to find me!  I don't usually ring ahead or get the chef to make me something off menu and I rarely even ask for soya milk in coffee shops. I kinda just live without. I don't want to make people believe that I'm going to get really, really sick if I have gluten. However, I found it easy peasy to go without gluten while I was away and the people serving the gluten free food were amazingly knowledgeable and couldn't do enough. (Although I cheated by eating things that contained eggs or milk. You can't win 'em all.) 
The first place I found was in Weymouth itself. The Pasty Parlour on St. Mary Street had this sign in their window, so I ventured in for a look. (Sadly it appears the Pasty Parlous has now closed down.)
I was shown to a chest freezer which contained an …

Scrumptious Free From Chocolate Fairycakes

It's Friday and usually I'm thinking about the weekend ahead and that usually involves planning what I'm going to cook and whether I've got time to make cake.
However, this weekend I'm going to be at a work thing so no cake for me :(

Instead, I'm going to write about an amazing batch of cakes I made last week and try not to strop too much.

They look pretty unexceptional but they are far from!

These are free from gluten, dairy and egg. Will make 15-18 cakes.


150g dairy free marg
150g caster sugar
2 eggs (No Egg)
1 tsp baking powder
50g coconut flour
50g almond flour
30g gluten free plain flour
20g cocoa powder
3 tbsp dairy free milk
Sprinkle of dairy free chocolate chips - like these

Put together the sugar and marg and squish together with a fork until thoroughly mixed.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together thoroughly.
Spoon into cake cases in a cake baking tray.
Bake at 190c for 15-20 mins.
Leave to cool before eating.

These would be gre…

Coeliac Awareness Week

It's Coeliac (or Celiac) awareness week next week.
Check out the Coeliac UK website for lots of offers from companies supporting the cause.
There's money off food, competitions, discounts on meals out and all sorts!

Awareness Week 2012

Gluten Free Oaty Granola

I recently discovered a new breakfast. This is a pretty rare occurrence as I'm egg free as well so my options are very limited!On week days I will usually have a couple of Graze boxes or toast with peanut butter. I'm usually happy with small or non existent breakfasts because I've never felt right after breakfast. I'm pretty sure this goes back to when I was growing up and often felt sick before school and sometimes even threw up on the way to school. I used to think that I just couldn't eat that early in the morning, but now I can see, quite clearly, my problem was that breakfast was cereal with cow's milk! Poor ickle me!
Anyway, those days are sort-of behind me and I want to start enjoying cereal for breakfast.
I tried out Sainsbury's award winning Oaty Granola and was pleasantly surprised. In the picture I've served it with soya yoghurt and honey but it's also great with soya milk (or cow's milk if you're that way inclined.)
It's a prope…

Anniversary Give Away!

As promised I'm having a give-away to celebrate my 10 year gluten-free-iversary!
The Black Farmer have kindly donated 3 of their aprons as prizes. As you can see, they're very classy and bound to be super useful.
The Black Farmer himself and the Black Farmer's daughter are thoroughly lovely (follow on Twitter if you don't already.) An example of the ace people I've been introduced to on my gluten free journey.
Check out my review of their fabbo meatballs and burgers if you missed it.
To win one of the lovely, aforementioned aprons, all you have to do is comment on this post before the end of the week (11th May).
I will pick 3 names out of a hat to decide the winners!

10 Years Gluten Free!

Back in 2002, I'd just moved out of halls in Cheltenham and I was living in a shared house with some friends. It should have been one of the happiest and most carefree times of my life, but I was plagued with IBS. My symptoms seemed to start when I was around 12-13. Through my teens it got worse and worse. By 2002, I was spending evenings in bed with a hot water bottle, gripped with stomach spasms, wind and bloating. I'd put on the 'fresher 13' during my first year of uni and that along with the bloating made me feel dumpy and miserable. I'd always been a skinny kid and have a naturally high metabolism so the 6 month pregnant look was really affecting my self confidence.

I can't remember what I read or heard that made me try a food exclusion diet to see if anything I was eating was causing my problems.
One morning I got up and decided that today was the day to give it a go, I couldn't go on as I was any longer.
I decided to eat just one thing on the first d…