Wheat Free Pho from EAT

I enjoyed this very sin-less and delicious meal at EAT in Canary Wharf shopping centre right before I headed off to the Free From Food Awards. The shopping centre is vast and caters for office workers, who I suppose grab lunch and take it back to their office - so it was actually pretty tricky to find somewhere to sit down and eat. Thank heavens for EAT :)

The pot contains chicken, lime, mint, rice noodles, red pepper, spinach, cabbage, beansprouts, broccoli, lemongrass and perhaps some other things I've forgotten. You take it to the person behind the counter and they fill it with a lovely hot soup and red chili if desired.

What a great idea!

Allergy advice on the pack says 'Contains egg'. Though I couldn't see how, unless they were rice and egg noodles...

The website says that they offer wheat free organic breads to go with the soup, though I wasn't offered any bread :(

They used to make a 'Wheat Free Sandwich of the Week' but I couldn't find any and the website doesn't mention them anymore. A shame.

However, they do seem to be adding things to the menu all the time and are happy to listen to suggestions.

Branches are in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland mainly. Hope they open a branch in Bristol!


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