Gluten Free lunch at Maitreya Social Bristol

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Maitreya Social formerly known as Cafe Maitreya is situated on St Mark's road in Easton, just seconds from Stapleton road train station. Any Bristolians reading this who haven't ventured this far East before should do so very soon! In one street, you'll find the brilliant Sweet Mart , the Easton branch of the Thali Cafe and multi award winning vegetarian restaurant Maitreya Social. Props to all 3 for catering to special diets, especially vegetarian and gluten free.

I follow Maitreya Social on Facebook and noticed they'd linked to an article about their new lunches. I don't get to go out for lunch a lot and when I do, it's usually a jacket potato in the shopping centre, so the idea of a "Homemade succulent burger bursting with nuts, beans and spices, served with chunky wedges, homemade sweetcorn relish, and 'slaw" was particularly appealing.
The burger didn't disappoint. I emailed ahead and asked about gluten free bread and was informed that they always have some on hand. My actual burger came with what looked suspiciously like Genius bread instead of the usual bun, but I happily tucked in.
You can choose from several different cheeses in your burger too. I chose halloumi and it was a great addition.

My husband ordered an organic beer and we passed an enjoyable hour or so marvelling at the amazing potato wedges that came with my burger and deciding what exciting things to buy at the Sweet Mart.

Next time, I'm bringing some vegetarian friends here as I'm sure they'll love the lunch food on offer and I'm also coming back for dinner and sampling the vegan wines!

Maitreya Social
89 St Mark's Road

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