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Gluten Free lunch at Maitreya Social Bristol

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Maitreya Social formerly known as Cafe Maitreya is situated on St Mark's road in Easton, just seconds from Stapleton road train station. Any Bristolians reading this who haven't ventured this far East before should do so very soon! In one street, you'll find the brilliant Sweet Mart , the Easton branch of the Thali Cafe and multi award winning vegetarian restaurant Maitreya Social. Props to all 3 for catering to special diets, especially vegetarian and gluten free.

I follow Maitreya Social on Facebook and noticed they'd linked to an article about their new lunches. I don't get to go out for lunch a lot and when I do, it's usually a jacket potato in the shopping centre, so the idea of a "Homemade succulent burger bursting with nuts, beans and spices, served with chunky wedges, homemade sweetcorn relish, and 'slaw" was particularly appealing.
The burger didn't disappoint. I emailed ahead and asked ab…

New Blog Name

I decided to change my blog name to make my blog a bit more distinctive and distinguishable from other GF blogs. When I first started blogging, there were hardly any other UK GF blogs about so calling myself UK Gluten Free seemed to make sense. Now more GF blogs and companies exist, plus these days my diet is more about avoiding eggs, milk and gluten so The Awkward Eater sums me up a bit better!I will need to spend some time changing links in posts to my other blog posts so please bear with me while I work on that.
I hope I haven't lost too many people with the change-over. Please make sure to change your bookmark if you have one!

Wheat Free Pho from EAT

I enjoyed this very sin-less and delicious meal at EAT in Canary Wharf shopping centre right before I headed off to the Free From Food Awards. The shopping centre is vast and caters for office workers, who I suppose grab lunch and take it back to their office - so it was actually pretty tricky to find somewhere to sit down and eat. Thank heavens for EAT :)
The pot contains chicken, lime, mint, rice noodles, red pepper, spinach, cabbage, beansprouts, broccoli, lemongrass and perhaps some other things I've forgotten. You take it to the person behind the counter and they fill it with a lovely hot soup and red chili if desired.
What a great idea!
Allergy advice on the pack says 'Contains egg'. Though I couldn't see how, unless they were rice and egg noodles...
The website says that they offer wheat free organic breads to go with the soup, though I wasn't offered any bread :(
They used to make a 'Wheat Free Sandwich of the Week' but I couldn't find any and the w…

Free From Food Awards 2012

AWT in another splendid tie.
I attended the FFF awards on Tuesday night at the Docklands Museum, London.
A great location for a brilliant event. After a bit of mingling and canape munching, we watched as awards were handed out. I got a very warm and fuzzy feeling inside as I watched very humbled and excited producers going up on stage to collect their prizes.
Like last year, I was made aware of lots of new products and new companies and I'll be stocking up on some exciting new products in the next few weeks.
You can see a list of all the winners here.
Highlights for me were Daas Ambre beer, which was delicious, strong and indistinguishable from the real thing and a very deserving winner of the beer category.
Sainsbury's Freefrom Oaty Granola - winner of the breakfast cereals prize. Sainsbury's once again doing great work for free from and I'll be posting up a review of that very soon.
Food Heaven winning the puddings prize for their gluten, dairy and egg free Sicilian Lemon C…

DS Gluten Free Shop

DS or Dietary Specials make my all time favourite gluten free foods. The gluten free product I buy the most of, by far, is DS Brown Ciabatta Rolls. I slice them lengthways into 3's to make toast, I make bacon sarnies and fish finger sarnies with them, I make tomato and cheese toasties with them and I think they're great for cheese and salad sandwiches.
I also think the pizza bases are fantastic and probably the best out there. I love a crunchy crust and DS's have a great texture.
I was recently made aware that DS are offering free delivery on all UK orders, so I went a bit mad and got all my faves and few extras that I haven't tried before.
After munching my way through digestives, custard creams, lunch rolls, crispbread, lasagne and cornflakes I must say that the quality is always brilliant.
You don't get holey bread, crumbling to bits when you breath on it produce. It's all well made, the flavours are spot on and you can just rely on them to do what they say on t…