Gluten Free Breakfast

Please excuse my photos this week. I had no battery in my camera so I've been using my phone (which is almost an antique). Not my best work but as long as you get the gist, that's the main thing :)

This post is about breakfast. The subject came up on Twitter. Howard the Celeriac (@celeriacs) posted one of his excellent cartoons on the subject of 'The Full English'. Check it out here.

I replied that I missed having breakfast cooked for me in a cafe, preferably a greasy spoon, with a hangover, a few mates, and a huge, heavy mug full of super strong tea.

I must admit, I'm rubbish at breakfast. Since I went egg free too, I really struggle to find anything that I can eat (or that I can stomach paying for i.e. super expensive GF cereals.)

The image above shows what I had to eat yesterday. On the weekend, when I have time to cook breakfast, I like hash browns, sausages or bacon, tomatoes or beans and a blob of tomato or bbq sauce with a little blob of chilli sauce mixed in.

My fave weekend breakfast sausages are the ones pictures above, which are Bratwurst from Aldi or the Co-operative British Pork Sausages (gluten free).

The hash browns are by McCains, also recently made gluten free.

I couldn't eat it every morning, but on the weekends, (especially ones where I can sit in the garden) a cooked breakfast is a real treat.


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