RECIPE Vindaloo La La!

In an ideal world, every night would be curry night.
I've gotten pretty good at rustling up a curry and now have a few favourites that I can pull out of the bag using up whatever's in the fridge.
But every now and then, you fancy hunks of chicken or lamb in a really fiesty, sweat inducing sauce.
That's where the Hairy Bikers come in.
Their recipe for Vindaloo is just the best.
I can't improve on perfection, so here it is. (However, do check spices for added gluten.)
When they did this on TV, they served it with a splash of plain yoghurt.
If you're dairy free as well, try the Alpro Plain (I found mine in Sainsburys).
It's a little sweet but against the heat of the curry, works brilliantly.



    Have you tried this Sojade yoghurt? It's sugar free, and delicious. It tastes almost the same as natural dairy yoghurt, from what I remember of it!

  2. Great tip! Reasonable price too! Thanks.


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