Grounded - A Review Take 2

I wrote a pretty disparaging review about Bristol restaurant Grounded in Dec 2010.
The pizza tasted odd, the customer service was non existent and our whole restaurant experience was sad and expensive.

My husband had been mentioning pizza for a while and I thought I would get us a treat as we were moving house. So my only real option was Grounded. They're local, they do gluten free pizzas and they deliver.

I called the restaurant the day before I wanted the takeaway as their previous policy was that you had to 'book' your gluten free pizza base 24 hours in advance. I was told that this was no longer the case, and that an hour warning would be enough.

I ordered a calzone for my husband (which I can't find on the website, but seems to be on my menu at home) and a pizza for me (pictured above).
I found my base to be difficult to slice, and I had to cut it up using scissors. With a strange flavour, as before. The goat's cheese and sundried tomato topping was a big fail as well.

I'm still not ready to go back to the restaurant and eat in. Recent reviews aren't very favourable and I couldn't find the Redfield branch on Trip Advisor. But at least I can get takeaway pizza and that really is something to cherish!

*Update Jan 2015 - Members of the local coeliac group have reported that the pizzas haven't changed at all. Still almost inedible. And customer service is still awful!


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