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RECIPE Vindaloo La La!

In an ideal world, every night would be curry night. I've gotten pretty good at rustling up a curry and now have a few favourites that I can pull out of the bag using up whatever's in the fridge. But every now and then, you fancy hunks of chicken or lamb in a really fiesty, sweat inducing sauce. That's where the Hairy Bikers come in. Their recipe for Vindaloo is just the best. I can't improve on perfection, so here it is. (However, do check spices for added gluten.) When they did this on TV, they served it with a splash of plain yoghurt. If you're dairy free as well, try the Alpro Plain (I found mine in Sainsburys). It's a little sweet but against the heat of the curry, works brilliantly.

Gluten Free Meatball Sub!

The day after making gluten free hotdogs with Dietary Specials White Baguettes, I decided to resurrect subway/po'boy Friday. This started because me and my husband always fancy something a bit naughty to eat on a Friday evening and we came up with the idea of re-creating the Po'Boys we had in New Orleans. Then things got slightly out of hand as the fillings became more and more extreme!
I used my remaining baguette and the following ingredients to create a really delicious meal.
For the Meatballs
Sprinkle salt over your mince and mix in thoroughly. Then make ball shapes from the mice. Fry in a little olive oil until brown and cooked through.
For the Tomato Sauce
In a saucepan, fry half an onion with garlic (I used 4 cloves but it was slightly too much for me). Add a tin of tomatoes and a teaspoon each of a selection of herbs (I used dried Thyme, Oregano and Tarragon, but fresh herbs would be great too.) Add a couple of bay leaves and 1/4 teaspoon of chili powder. Season with salt and b…

Gluten Free Hot Dog!

There's something about hot dogs that's just a bit wrong. I think it's because we all remember 'street dogs', those hot dogs from street vendors that seem like a really good idea on the long walk home from the club. But forget all that and remember the hot dogs your mum used to make on sunny, bank holidays.That's the kind of thing I wanted to re-create.My hot dog consisted of the following very simple ingredients:1 Dietary Specials White Baguette cut in half and then 'refreshed' in the oven for 6 minutes. I found these in Morrisons. You get 2 baguettes in the pack, so that's 4 hot dogs! Excellent value.Bratwurst in a jar from Aldi. Labelled 'Gluten Free'. Heated in a pan and a little oil for about 5 minutes. (Aldi by the way, is excellent for gluten free food.)KetchupMustardVitalite Spread (Dairy Free)Onions. Sliced into rounds and fried in a little oil until brown and soft. And there you have it, a little taste of nostalgia :)

Speaking of Pizza...

Dominos Pizza offer a gluten free crust in Australia and New Zealand. Yeah, I know.
You may have noticed the Twitter appeal recently. It was basically lots of gluten free-ers tweeting 'Give us some #GF pizza in the UK now @Dominos_UK #wewillbuylotsandlotspromise'
Join in and @ the hell out of with #glutenfree
Or better still, get on over here and sign the petition.

Grounded - A Review Take 2

I wrote a pretty disparaging review about Bristol restaurant Grounded in Dec 2010.
The pizza tasted odd, the customer service was non existent and our whole restaurant experience was sad and expensive.
My husband had been mentioning pizza for a while and I thought I would get us a treat as we were moving house. So my only real option was Grounded. They're local, they do gluten free pizzas and they deliver.
I called the restaurant the day before I wanted the takeaway as their previous policy was that you had to 'book' your gluten free pizza base 24 hours in advance. I was told that this was no longer the case, and that an hour warning would be enough.
I ordered a calzone for my husband (which I can't find on the website, but seems to be on my menu at home)and a pizza for me (pictured above). I found my base to be difficult to slice, and I had to cut it up using scissors. With a strange flavour, as before. The goat's cheese and sundried tomato topping was a big fail …

Juvela Gluten Free Fibre Flakes

Some kind person posted me a box of this Juvela cereal without a note or forwarding address.
If that person is reading this blog, please get in touch because I have now moved house and you need my new address!
Probably because I'm the token weirdo, one of my fave cereals "B.D" (before diagnosis) was Bran Flakes. And I actually missed them over the 8 or so years without them.
I'm pleased to tell you that the Juvela version easily competes. It's a little hard to remember, but I think I prefer these too. I actually did a sad face when they ran out.
I'll definitely be making a purchase soon because they are tasty, a good texture (not too tough, not too soggy) and they are healthy (god knows I need a healthier diet right now. Another cold? Yes please!)
Juvela website
Online Shop
On facebook
On twitter

Nom Nom Bristol

Head to Nom Nom sandwich and coffee shop on Baldwin St, Bristol town centre for a choice of gluten free pasta dishes!
Pictured - Gluten free penne with roasted vegetable with tomato & basil sauce.
Yesterday they were serving tomato & mascarpone and beef bolognese mmmm!
If you're in the area make sure you sample their wares and hopefully we can ensure that they are *the* gluten free lunchspot in Bristol!
Address: Unit 8, Bridge House 48-52 Baldwin Street Bristol BS1 1QB
Follow them on Twitter: @nomnom_bristol