Gluten Free Wishes for 2012

Following on from my post from last year on the subject, here's my response on my wishes for 2011:

1. More restaurants adding GF symbols to items on their menus.

The big chains have started to do it, particularly the Italian restaurants like Zizzi and Bella Italia but the independents still have some way to go.

2. Those restaurants making bloody well sure that the item on the menu really is GF. i.e is the soy sauce GF? What about the chips?

Well, from experience, a GF symbol on a menu does not a knowledgeable staff member make. After ordering gluten free pasta at one establishment, the waitress brought me my ice cream dessert scattered with amaretti biscuit *eye roll*. Don't trust the waiting staff when they say that it "should" be OK. Make sure they go in the kitchen and check.

3. Prescription GF food for gluten intolerant people, not just coeliacs.

Well, no. Hasn't happened as far as I know. Probably never will?

4. More varieties of pasta to buy in the supermarkets. i.e Tagliatelle.

Nope :(

5. Genius bread (now that it is so popular and in every supermarket) to come down in price!

Again, nope. £2.29 each when you buy a pack of 6 from the Genius website. £2.89/£2.99 from the supermarket. Ouch.

5 New wishes for 2012:

1. That Dietary Specials continue to expand their excellent range of gluten and egg free food and for it to be more widely available.

2. That the media stops calling our diet 'optional' or 'a fad'.

3. Less blogs about cupcakes and flapjacks and a bit more info out there about symptoms, experiences and practical solutions. (Bit of a dig at myself there, must do better.)

4. No more obscure gluten free alternatives that we don't need, or yet more cake and bread rolls. Enough already! We need puff pastry, pasta shapes and stuff for breakfast.

5. That Amy's Kitchen expands their GF range in the UK. Their Macaroni Cheese is freakin lush.


  1. Hoorah I agree with your wish (on behalf of my sister). For me I would like to see similar for those of us who are Dairy/Egg free

  2. lol very good wishes. hopefully the new restaurant guideline laws will make eating out better. I would like all chain restaurants to be the same. at one zizi's i was told i could have pizza, salads, some risottos. The local one to me said i could have pasta and thats it. I have now ended my prescription to get gf foods, alot are not wheat free too and i am tired of being told by doctors of budget cuts, i was cut down to 4 rolls, 1 pizza base, 2 pasta and a pack of biscuits every 2 weeks and as it cost £8 a prescription i can buy it at the supermarket. My xmas wish is to learn how to make a cookie, mine never work!

  3. I'd like a bit of consistency in chain restaurants. I had been ordering chocolate & peanut butter soya shakeaways for years (they used to have a dairyfree logo next to the chocolate bit on the menu) until one day the manager in the Poole store told me there is dairy in the chocolate powder. I pointed out the dairy free logo & she didn't even acknowledge it, she just replied there is dairy in the powder they use.

    To be honest though, I stopped going in there when chocolate & peanut butter became two separate ingredients, instead of the one it used to be.

    It's just a pain when you go somewhere you think you can trust & it turns out there are different rules for different stores.


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