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My Battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I recently read Sophie's Story: My 20 Year Battle With Irritable Bowel Syndrome.Sophie is behind, a website she set up in sheer desperation after years of feeling alone and misunderstood. The stories that came in through the website made Sophie feel part of a much bigger problem and she knew she was no longer suffering on her own.
While I was reading the book, my own experience came flooding back. I often felt like I was the only one and my frustration caused by 'unexplainable' symptoms and hopeless GPs made me feel angry and miserable.
It's easy when you've been able to manage your symptoms for a few years to forget all those feelings. It even easier when you belong to a community of bloggers whose jolly posts about cupcakes and flapjacks distract you from what we're all trying to avoid...
* The afternoons on the loo * The odd and embarrassing noises your body makes as you struggle to digest food * The smells you leave behind in the bathroom for th…