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RECIPE - Quick Gluten Free Stuffing

I haven't even got time to make lists of all the things I need to make time for these days so it'll just be a quick post today (not even a photo, the shame.)
I made my own stuffing the other day using:
Cornflakes (I used Whole Earth) Carrot Onion and Garlic (Finely chopped and fried) Fresh herbs Seasoning
And it was amazing!
Fry the onion and garlic until brown, put in a blender with cornflakes, carrot, herbs and seasoning and blitz.
Form into balls or stuff into a bird. It'll cook in just under 15 minutes if you form into balls.
And that's it! I made enough for 2 people using a handful of each ingredient. I will try again and measure things next time I promise!

El Guapo - Gluten Free Mexican Food in Bristol

*Edited 11/02/12 to add that El Guapo has unfortunately ceased trading :(
^Click on image to enlarge - and you should. And then your tummy will instantly grumble and you will curse me for having enjoyed such a meal and then possibly think about moving to Bristol (if you don't live here already) just so one day, you may have this meal all to yourself.
Just wrap your eyelids around this menu -
Totally gluten free tacos and, I hear, flapjacks too.
Mine had slow cooked pork, pickled pink onions, hot salsa and a red rice side. And it only came to £3.95.
Get down to: El Guapo Bridge House 48-52 Baldwin Street Bristol BS1 1QZ
Opening Hours 11.30am to 2pm Monday to Friday. 10am till 2pm Saturday (they do breakfasts too!) 6pm till 11pm Friday/Saturday On Twitter On Facebook