Instant Gluten Free Rice Noodles and Other Life Savers

Without exaggeration, Chinese supermarkets are the best gluten free discovery I've ever made.
When we knew we were moving to Bristol from London, one of the first Bristol things I Googled was 'Chinese Supermarket'.
The Wai Yee Hong shop opened in 2007 in the Eastgate Oriental City complex; a brand new development on a two-acre site off the M32 in Bristol.
It's just round the corner from IKEA and the big Tesco, really easy to find.
On our first visit there, I was amazed by the size of the place. It's a proper supermarket and even has a gift shop and restaurant upstairs.
Every time I go there, I stock up on plain rice noodles for adding to stir fries and for making quick lunches (I just add chilli sauce, tuna, whatever is in the house), rice paper (spring roll wrappers) and packets of instant rice noodles. I must have tried them all but the Tom Yum Koong Rice Vermicelli is definitely my favourite and costs just 31p a packet!
I can also buy gluten free soy sauce and oyster sauce and jars of chilli sauce that seem to last about 2 days in my house!
The guys at the shop get gluten free.
Jo, who runs the Twitter account is just the sweetest and will answer any questions you may have on the items in stock.
Best of all, you can order online! (Shipping info.)

Wai Yee Hong
Eastgate Oriental City
Eastgate Road

Tel: 0845 873 3388
Fax: 0845 873 2288


  1. Love this place. The new building was a vast improvement. I remember my dad taking me to Wai Yee Hong when I was a kid, a tiny little shop tucked away down a questionable alley near the post office depot. I think in those days they mostly catered to restaurants. I loved exploring all the weird looking veg, sauces and noodles. I couldn't live without the rice pancakes, noodles and potato flour now! Potato flour is amazing for thickening any sauce, just mix a few tspns with a little water and stir into your cooking (it's like magic!).

  2. Thanks for the tip about potato flour! I tend to use cornflour for thickening but haven't tried potato flour yet.


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