Getting ready for Christmas!

Every year, around this time, I get frustrated because people insist on planning Christmas, talking about their Christmas shopping, who's doing what on Christmas day etc etc.
This year, I decided I would make plans early and get a head start. I planned what to make for homemade pressies and where we're spending Christmas day. And because I feel on top of things, I don't mind one bit seeing Christmas decorations going up in shops, or hearing Christmas music or receiving the new Genius Mince Pies in the post. Not one bit.

As you can see, they've got a homemade look about them. They're floury and light and you can taste all the ingredients and no nasty added flavourings etc. Very scrummy.

You could quite easily stick these on a plate at Christmas time and fool all your guests into thinking you made them yourself ;)

They go on sale on October 17th 2011 at Tesco (which is definitely not too early ;)

Check online for these and more gluten free products at


  1. Shame they contain whey, though. I'm going to write to them!


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