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RECIPE Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Firstly, let me say they taste A LOT better than they look! And I overcooked them a bit, so they shouldn't be so dark BUT...I made them myself from a made up recipe!
The texture is brilliant and you don't miss the butter. My husband said "I'll sum these up in one word - "YUM"!"
DRY 1 cup coconut flour (although the texture can be slightly annoying. I'll try almond flour next time. My 'cup' is a whiskey glass.) 1 heaped dessert spoon of cocoa powder 1 dessert spoon of dark brown sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp bicarb of soda Pinch of salt Optional: Chocolate chips, dried fruit etc WET 2 dessert spoons of maple syrup (you could use honey) Around 3 dessert spoons of melted coconut oil
Mix together the dry ingredients, then add the maple syrup. Stir thoroughly. Gradually add the coconut oil, stirring thoroughly. The mixture will start to look wetter but won't form a dough (It'll still look like breadcrumbs) You will know when you've…

Instant Gluten Free Rice Noodles and Other Life Savers

Without exaggeration, Chinese supermarkets are the best gluten free discovery I've ever made.When we knew we were moving to Bristol from London, one of the first Bristol things I Googled was 'Chinese Supermarket'. The Wai Yee Hong shop opened in 2007 in the Eastgate Oriental City complex; a brand new development on a two-acre site off the M32 in Bristol. It's just round the corner from IKEA and the big Tesco, really easy to find. On our first visit there, I was amazed by the size of the place. It's a proper supermarket and even has a gift shop and restaurant upstairs. Every time I go there, I stock up on plain rice noodles for adding to stir fries and for making quick lunches (I just add chilli sauce, tuna, whatever is in the house), rice paper (spring roll wrappers) and packets of instant rice noodles. I must have tried them all but the Tom Yum Koong Rice Vermicelli is definitely my favourite and costs just 31p a packet! I can also buy gluten free soy sauce and oy…

Getting ready for Christmas!

Every year, around this time, I get frustrated because people insist on planning Christmas, talking about their Christmas shopping, who's doing what on Christmas day etc etc.This year, I decided I would make plans early and get a head start. I planned what to make for homemade pressies and where we're spending Christmas day. And because I feel on top of things, I don't mind one bit seeing Christmas decorations going up in shops, or hearing Christmas music or receiving the new Genius Mince Pies in the post. Not one bit.
As you can see, they've got a homemade look about them. They're floury and light and you can taste all the ingredients and no nasty added flavourings etc. Very scrummy.
You could quite easily stick these on a plate at Christmas time and fool all your guests into thinking you made them yourself ;)
They go on sale on October 17th 2011 at Tesco (which is definitely not too early ;)
Check online for these and more gluten free products at http://www.geniusglu…

Gluten Free Fish and Chips in Clifton, Bristol

Princess Victoria Street in Clifton, not just home to my favourite Bristol shop Otomi it is also where you can find bloody lovely chips at the Clifton Village Fish Bar. A while back, my sister in law mentioned that she thought she saw that they did gluten free fish batter. I finally got around to ringing them yesterday and got it confirmed!
Gluten free fish and chips every 1st Monday of the month. Open 5.oopm until 11.00pm.

Address:4 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS8 4BP
Tel: 0117 974 1894
Gluten free fish and chips can also be found at Smiths Fish bar, BS6 - see previous post.

Gluten Free Christmas Menus in Bristol

Office Christmas meals *shudder*
To lessen the blow, try one of these lovely establishments who have usefully indicated which of their menu items are gluten free. Meaning, you can get on with avoiding the office sleaze-bag and curtailing your drinking around the 'big boss' rather than painfully explaining to the waiter/waitress why you can't eat flour.
Las Iguanas (Not exactly my taste and the last meal I had here was clearly microwaved and saltier than the dead sea but nevertheless it's easy, reasonably priced and they have cocktails.)
Brasserie Blanc (Ooh posh. I like Raymond and I would like to eat here so I can picture him barking demands at his staff, like "get zees sheet out of 'ere!")
Glassboat (My husband and I ate here a while back. The atmosphere is lovely, the staf…