Genius Gluten Free Pies

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I recently tried a Steak & Ale Pie from Genius' new frozen range. I would have liked both pies from the box but my husband looked hungry and I suppose one must make dinner for two when one is married.
It's always good to get my husband's feedback on gluten free products however as I've been gluten free for so long now and tend to think everything's awesome as long as it tastes vaguely of the flavour on the box.
He gave the pie a thumb's up and like me, thought the filling was delicious and the pastry tasty and a good texture. I was impressed by the big chunks of steak, luscious gravy and general moreishness of the pie.
We turned the pies into a meal of guilty pleasures by adding hash browns (GF! Yay!) and baked beans and it was one of the most scrummy and indulgent meals I've had in ages. I'll have fond memories of that meal for ages, plates on laps in my mother in law's country cottage, with Miranda on the tele. Lovely :)


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