Birmingham's NEC 'I Long For Salad' - Part 4

Regular readers of this blog may remember my previous posts about the NEC in Birmingham.

Their canteens used to put the 'ming' in Birmingham but they've come on leaps and bounds recently.

I go there twice a year for work, once to exhibit so I'm there for a week, 9 hours a day and once to visit so I'm normally looking for lunch and I'm armed with expenses.

My first post about the NEC was my actual ranty email to the NEC after a bad experience with the products on offer and the service/lack of knowledge.

My second post was the reply I got, which didn't really fill me with much hope.

And my 3rd post was a post I made after finding with surprise and delight a whole gluten free section in the fridge in one of the hall canteens.

After my recent visit, I'm pleased to report that the gluten free section is still there - with a new and improved range of sandwiches.

I emailed the NEC again and they were very pleased that I enjoyed the new sarnies and took on my suggestion of providing soya milk in the canteens.

Just goes to show - you don't get if you don't ask.

If you are visiting the NEC - you will also find that the Starbucks in the main concourse sells gluten free sandwiches (made with Genius bread) and make a very delicious soya milk Frappuccino! (New obsession, not a good discovery for me!!)

*Edited Feb 2012 to add that the cafeterias can now provide soya milk on request! I emailed to ask them if they could look into getting some and they did! :)


  1. Hi, I am going to the NEC in a few weeks and I'm worried about finding food. I am gluten free (and to make it worse I am also unable to eat corn or oats) and dairy free. Which hall canteen did you find the gluten free fridge in? Is that an area which would only be open to exhibitors or the general public too? I'm thinking my best option might be the Weatherspoons Pub as they have gluten free clearly marked on their menu.

  2. Hi Lorna, it's been some time since I went to the NEC now and I only went as an exhibitor. And I can't even remember which hall I was in when I wrote this - apologies! I believe that most of the big hall canteens have the sandwiches though. And you may find some nice salads too. These are open to public and exhibitors. The Weatherspoons is an option but generally very busy.


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