Sainsbury's Free From Pizza Base

My dinner last night ^ (Click on image for a close-up)

Very, very tasty and totally gluten free (although bit of a dairy and egg free fail...)

Sainsbury's Free From Pizza base £1.99 (gluten and dairy free but contains egg white so I'll be suffering today!)

My toppings:
Green Chilli
Cherry tomatoes
Sainsbury's Red Pesto £1.19. Tomato puree also works and is considerably less fattening!
Herbes de Provence
Black Pepper

Not sure if I would substitute my usual gluten free pitta bread pizzas for a 'proper' pizza base as I like the crispiness of the pitta, however it's good to have the option there and to feel like I'm eating proper pizza slices.

Overall score for this product - 9/10


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