RECIPE Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free Lemon Cake

It's a cake made without most of the cake ingredients! And it somehow works!

I made this Vegan Lemon Lime Cake from this recipe. Next time I'll use gluten free self-raising flour to make it rise a bit more (I used a gluten free White Mix). My other tweaks were: added yellow food colouring to the icing and I added Limoncello liqueur to the cake mix and icing. I also did what someone suggested in the comments and used coconut oil as well as vegetable oil.

The resulting cake it great. It's very sweet and yet tangy, perfect for satisfying a sugar craving.
Somehow this cake doesn't work when you eat it with a fork - I found it was much nicer when I picked it up and ate it so would perhaps benefit from being made into slices. They would be perfect to place on a saucer alongside a cup of tea :)

If you can't eat eggs like me, defo give this a go!

* Update - Almost a week later and this cake is still fab! Unexpected upside of not using milk and eggs is that this cake lasts forever!


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