New Long Life Glutafin Select Loaves

Marmite and peanut butter on toast :)

A sample of the new Glutafin gluten free bread arrived the other day. The box promised that the bread would be 'ready to eat' with 'no need to refresh'.
Well, it was breakfast time and I was hungry, so I popped 2 slices in the toaster. Delicious. And surprisingly big slices.

At lunchtime, I filled the other 2 slices with tuna salad. No toasting required. Again great taste and absolutely no crumbling and no holes.
With gluten free bread, you usually feel as though a mouse has already had a go at your bread before you and it seems to turn into a thousand pieces a millisecond before it reaches your mouth. Not so with this bread.
I must admit that the bread itself is not the tastiest on the market but that's what toppings and fillings are for, right?

Best of all, this bread also appears to be egg free. At present only DS bread is also egg free.

You won't find Glutafin products in the supermarket, they are only available from pharmacies.


  1. i hope they bring out a wheat and gluten free version of the bread soon as i cant wait to try it. Nicola

  2. i emailed glutafin and there should be a wheat free version coming out soon. am looking forward to trying it when it does. nicola

  3. Hi Nicola, this bread is wheat and gluten free. Glutafin have always made gluten free bread...

  4. hi debra I get the wheat free and gluten free bread on prescription and the fibre one is not wheat free as it contains wheat starch. The codex starch is ok if you react to gluten and not wheat as the gluten is removed. Sadly I have coeliacs with wheat allergy.

    Glutafin Select Fibre Loaf (400g)
    PIP code: 054-6101

    delicious, whether you're eating it straight from the bag or toasting it!

    Contains gluten-free wheat starch which complies with the internationally agreed criteria for gluten-free foods (Codex Alimentarius).

    nicola x

  5. If you look at the ingredients list you will see that this product does contain wheat (codex) and therefore isn't suitable for people whao are intolerant of other wheat proteins. Some of their products though are wheat and gluten free.

  6. Thanks for pointing that out. Wish someone had told me before I ate it...

  7. lol nightmare isnt it. 15yrs on and i still stand and read ingredients. I made your tortillas recipe - really nice, think they may be a staple! nicola

  8. I'm getting reminded regularly lately that I need to be more careful and check all labels. That bread was sent to me in the post by what I assumed was a marketing company. The problem is that many gluten free companies use marketing companies to send out sample products to bloggers but those marketing people don't seem to know much about allergies and intolerances.
    Anyhoo - glad you enjoyed the tortillas! They've certainly become a staple in my house :)

  9. Received a free sample of some slices of the new Glutafin white bread and a fibre roll. The bread was horrible - damp and rubbery and with a strange yeasty taste - but the brown seedy roll was delicious!
    So pleased to get samples - it's too wasteful to ask for a whole prescription just to try new products.


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