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Continuing with our obsession with tortillas, we decided to try making our own corn tortillas at home.
We're lucky enough to have an amazing Mexican shop Otomi a 10 minute drive from home, so I popped in to collect tortilla flour (Maseca), a tortilla press, salsa verde and a little tin of Chipotles.
At home we had 'Cowboy beans' from a cooking kit (also from Otomi) which we fried in a little oil and mushed up to make Refried Beans.
The tortillas themselves were amazingly easy to make, you just add water to the flour until it forms balls (try not to get too wet).
Around 200g of flour will make around 8 tortillas, perfect for 2 people.
We made the dough, made the balls in the palms of our hands, squished the balls flat in the press (use cling film on top and bottom to stop the dough sticking to the press) and dry fried in a non stick frying pan until they went very slightly brown on both sides.
We served with the beans, cheese, lettuce, red peppers, salsa verde and chipotles from a tin.

The tortillas themselves were so different to the ready made ones, lighter, puffier, softer and much tastier. And as they were so easy to make, we will probably make these all the time! (Breakfast tortilla anyone?!)

The flour packet has instructions for making pancakes and I'm sure there's a tonne of other things we can make with it, so expect lots of Maseca recipes on this blog from now on!

As sweetcorn is coming into season, possibly Tamales next?!

Check out this You Tube video to see how tortillas are made properly!

If you're in Bristol and fancy tortillas but not the work involved - check out Mission Burrito! See my review here.)


  1. Look at that tortilla press! The red mist of shopping frenzy has come down! Unfortunately they're out of stock with Otomi, damn. the tortillas look fab, I'm inspired to give them a whirl...but first I MUST have a tortilla press :-) Pig x

  2. We have used the press again since and our tortillas just keeping getting better! I would defo recommend a purchase! I would try emailing Otomi, they might have a shop one they could sell you, worth an ask. Otherwise you can buy them from here -

  3. Never knew Bristol had a mexican food shop. SO excited! Thanks for this post!

  4. Hi Gluten-free Mama!
    Not a problem. I'm never sure whether it's worth posting about gluten free stuff in Bristol but at least I know one person will read it now! Otomi is awesome and they are so friendly and helpful. They do ready made tortillas but they're not a patch on the homemade ones. Also I hear the fish and chip shop on Princess Victoria St, Clifton does gluten free batter on certain days but waiting to find out for sure before I post.

  5. def going to give these a go. Been so disappointed with corn tortillas i have bought. thanks for this. nicola


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