Humdinger Vegetable Crisps

Addictive, strange, tasty, bland, yummy. These crisps are such a refreshing change from anything else on the market.
I found them in a Tesco in Hammersmith tube station randomly. They cost 99p and it's a pretty big bag. They are relatively low fat for crisps and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans (hence the name.)
They don't explicitly say 'gluten free' or 'wheat free' but the pack doesn't suggest otherwise (might be safer to avoid if you are very sensitive.)
While I was eating them, I kept thinking 'peanut butter'. Then my colleague tried some and asked me if they contained cashews. No nuts on the ingredients list...odd.
Either way, I really hope they sell well and I can keep buying them!

The company also makes dairy free white chocolate products -


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