Coeliac Disease Vaccine?

I received an email the other day from a Dr Hector Damian Brzostowski saying "I have the cure for coeliac disease by the vaccine, one year of treatment with the vaccine and can eat anything and never hurt gluten...."
It contained no call to action, just 4 attachments.

I sort of know how men with erectile problems feel every-time they receive an email about Viagra. (Lol spellcheck knows Viagra!)

It was only very recently published that Australian scientists have had good results from early trials of a celiac/coeliac vaccine. Those scammers are very quick off the mark.

I wonder how sufferers of coeliac disease feel about the vaccine? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. i wonder if the vaccine will stop only the effects of eating gluten or if it will stop the villi being damaged. I have had coeliacs for 15yrs and am very sensitive and also cant have soy flour, wheat starch (and codex), chickpea flour, oats, barley and rye. I personally am used to being gluten free and generally cook everything myself, eatting out is getting better (many places have allergy info now) and the choice available in supermarkets has improved so much. If the vaccine cures the damage to the stomach for newly diagnosed it will be a great relief but i just dont know if i personally would believe what doctors/scientists say.

  2. Know what you mean! He seems to be spamming a webpage where I´m a member, so I asked for published articles, then he replied I must want to be sick (and that it works for those who believe...). Thanks for a Great Blog, will definitely look more into it :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. I can't even imagine how frustrating promises of a cure for coeliac disease must be to coeliacs. Would it even happen in our life-time and if it did, would anyone trust it? Would the side effects be worth it?

  4. I have also been a coeliac for 17 years and it would certainly be strange if i could suddenly eat gluten again, i have spent a lifetime hunting down good GF food and recipes. However, i would turn it down if it worked, to have really nice fresh bread would be heaven

  5. Hilariously, 2 comments have just been submitted to this blog from another spammer! They said -

    "Such excuse me, but I have the vaccine cure celiac, which is what most annoying that Argentina found out, and that already apply to patients, taking clinical outcomes, and a testament to the healing, and what matters is the trade that is generated behind companies that sell products for celiacs. It's easy and I already I have this patented IMPI. Dr.Brzostowski Hector Damian"


  6. Actually, I think there is a company in the US that is trying to develop a vaccine, but it won't be ready for a few years. It's like how people who are allergic to bees can be treated, so I think it's just going to build up some tolerance rather than make it okay to eat loads of gluten. Still sceptical (being and ex-science teacher myself) and even if it does ever work it would probably cost an arm and a leg!

    I'm suspected coeliac - i.e. I gave up gluten on docs advice BEFORE I had all the tests done and now can't face the thought of going through at least 6 wks of eating lots of it when I'm in pain after one breadcrumb. I'm pretty sure unless scientists can figure out how to turn off certain genes, there isn't any hope for me eating gluten again. Not that I mind not eating it (apart from when I walk past a pasty shop) but what I do mind is how difficult it is to avoid it so strictly in a modern gluten-filled world!

  7. Hi Gluten-free Mama!
    Thanks for your feedback on this post.
    I sympathise completely with pain after one crumb and the agony of walking past a pasty shop!
    I try to convince myself that it's only in this country that we're so obsessed with putting flour in everything. Most of what I cook for myself is influenced by countries where simple ingredients are used; meat, veg and spices. And when I lapse (rarely) and eat a pasty or whatever, then I never enjoy it as much as I think I will. I've detailed some of the benefits of being gluten free on the right side of this page and I reckon that even if I could eat gluten again, I'd choose not to.

  8. It's pretty hard for people to understand who aren't on GF diet how restricting it is eating out and about. That said, I love the food we make at home and am glad I always was curious about what food was made out of and how to make stuff myself. I have my dad to thank for that as he used to take me down to our local chinese supermarket when I was little and buy weird and wonderful stuff in there.

    Have a look at my GF Hoisin Sauce recipe - I'm really pleased with it. I've submitted it to Coeliac UK but don't know how long it take for them to publish stuff on their site.

    I'm going to try my hand at Soya yoghurt next as Wiki says it's made in same way as regular yoghurt. We'll see how I get on. So thankful for the internet!

  9. Could you post or send me the link to your Hoisin sauce please?
    I would have to live on chips if it wasn't for the internet!


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