Amy's Kitchen Burrito

I found these in the Bedminster (Bristol) branch of Asda.
Ickle ready made gluten free burritos! This one contains beans, cheese and rice, so also suitable for vegetarians (and egg free, yay!).
The instructions said nearly an hour in the oven or 4 minutes in the microwave and I was starving to I stuck mine in the microwave.
I was nervous about eating it as I hardly touch microwave food these days and usually find it to be plasticy and full of salt and evil e's. Also, the tortilla part looked like a pancake.
I needn't have worried though as the burrito was delicious.
I tucked into it with gusto and was disappointed when it was gone. My only criticism - wish they came in a 4 pack (at least!) especially for the price (about £2 I recall.).
My husband's comment was "you can actually taste all the ingredients that it's supposed to contain!".

Get 'em while you can.


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