YorkTest Food Intolerance Test

I recently took a YorkTest FoodScan 113 Food Intolerance test.
They send you a kit, you send them a vial of your blood and they post you the results.
Very simple and straightforward.
Dealing with the results however is a little more complicated!

I now have even more sympathy for anyone who is diagnosed with a food intolerance and spends the next few weeks or even months thinking 'I literally have no idea where to start' - as the test revealed to me that I am intolerant to egg whites!
(And very slightly to lentils but I think I'll get over that!)

My mum suffers when she eats eggs and I traditionally avoided them as they made me windy however I avoided eating huge amounts of them - I was not prepared for avoiding them completely and found myself holding things up in the supermarket and asking "does THIS have eggs?!"
It's a bit like starting from scratch and much loved recipes and products now have to be avoided and substituted.

I'm still learning and I need to get myself a really good egg free cook book but I'm already feeling the benefits.

Despite the fact that I went back to eating gluten and dairy for a month before the test, I wasn't tested positive for either. I was obviously shocked at this and surprised not to see other things I thought I may be intolerant to, such as coffee and bananas. I've started to wonder whether some intolerances have come and gone again or whether I blamed other foods for my symptoms while it was eggs all along. The only way to find out it to experiment with my diet until I find the right fit.
I spoke to Dr Gill Hart at YorkTest and she said that I should continue to avoid foods that I know cause me problems along with the foods the test identified.

With your results you get a pack with help and advice and a number to ring for help with your new diet plan. I'm going to take them up on all the advice on offer!


  1. Hi, I just read your blog article and sympathise completely. How horrible it must be for you. have you been properly diagnosed at the doctor as well? I only mention it as I have read so many items about the home testing kits telling you are intolerant to things that you are not and yet not always picking things up that you are actually intolerant to. As you have already gone gluten free it is impossible for you to have the proper medical checks for coeliac (assuming you didn't already that is!) but maybe it's not too late for the eggs and stuff to be tested. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Eleanor.
    I'm not a celiac ( to my knowledge) just wheat or perhaps gluten intolerant and have been since 2002. Was hoping the test would at least clarify whether it's just wheat or other cereals but the results have really left me in a pickle!


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