RECIPE Gluten Free Batter

Here's a fab recipe for battered fish that I tried out on Saturday. I discovered that deep frying is a very messy and dangerous thing if you don't have an electric deep fat fryer but it is so worth it! (Just stand well back!)

The batter recipe comes from one of my most used gluten free books 'Your Wheat Free, Gluten Free Diet Plan' and had been adapted according to what I had in the cupboard.

(Serves 4)

40g Cornflour
40g Doves Farm Plain White Flour (the book recommends rice flour)
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp baking powder
105-120ml water
4 fillets of cod or haddock, skinned (I used Sainsbury's Basics Frozen White Fish Fillets £2, chopped in half to fit into my frying pan. Excellent value.)

Mix the flours with the salt and baking powder and stir in enough water to form a thick, creamy batter.

Heat 1" vegetable oil in a pan.

Coat the fish in the batter and place carefully (but quickly!) into the hot oil.

Cook for 3 minutes on each side and drain onto kitchen paper.

Serve with chips and mushy peas or tartare sauce.

The batter was delicious and lovely and crispy. I'll definitely be doing this again. (Click on the image above to see a larger version of it and to get more detail. I defy anyone not to feel hungry after looking at it!)


  1. Hi, I've just discovered your blog and love it! I also have a wheat intolerance (and egg and cane sugar!). Great recipe, thanks for sharing! Kerry :o)

  2. Amazeballs! Thanks for this recipe - it worked brilliantly and the other half (who doesn't have to be gluten free but likes to join in now and again) loved it as well. I used goat's milk (I'm cow-milk free)in place of the water and it made a lovely batter that was light, crispy and delicious. We chopped up some potatoes and popped them in oil in the oven for a half hour or so for a chippy side. The peas were easily mushed and a spot of salt and cider-vinegar topped it off. The whole affair was much better than anything I've ever had previously from the chip shop! Thanks again, much appreciated! Jo x

  3. Hi Jo - you are most welcome! So glad it worked out.

  4. It's like Tempura (Japanese) batter.

    Try using sparkling water that has been kept in the fridge when you make the batter. It makes it bubble up when cooked, making it even more crispy.

    It makes excellent batter for sweet and sour chicken, pork or prawn balls (or battered vegetables).


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