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Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Muffin Mix

My lovely little muffins were made using a pre-mix muffin pack from
I added 40g of banana as per the instructions (they say blueberries but I figured it could be any fruit.)
They came out perfectly and are soft and delicious. Also, I wasn't expecting much difference from my home made sponge fairy cakes but they have a distinct muffin texture.
I used dairy free milk and marge instead of cow milk and butter too.
Fully recommended! (This blog post isn't sponsored!)

The Allergy and Gluten Free Show

Call me a saddo, but I would really like to go to this year's Allergy Show at Olympia.
As well as having the opportunity to see new products on the market and speaking to experts in the field, they have free seminars. The first seminar is called "Do you think you have a problem with wheat?". Fab.
However I'm going to be at my sister's wedding and therefore unable to attend.
I just noticed that they're having a recipe exchange, GAH!

Free From Food Awards 2011

Antony Worrall Thompson presenting the FAIR trophy to Clare Marriage of Doves Farm

I had a really great time last night at the Foods Matter Free From Food Awards.
It was held at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum which is a great place to visit, very impressive pistons and such but it was pretty boiling in the downstairs room where the ceremony was held!
I stationed myself next to the gluten free beer table so I could quench my thirst.
A very nice group of people told me which ones I should try as there were 11 to choose from! My favourites were Estrella's Daura beer (available in selected supermarkets) and St. Peter's G-Free beer (available in selected outlets.) This one has a gorgeous hint of ginger and I would quite happily finish off a few bottles of it.
The winning beer was Green's Blonde Ale which was a huge surprise to the gang tucking into the beers as we found it to have the most awful smell, yet an acceptable taste once you held your breath.
After this was announced I enquire…

The Calm Before the Storm

I started a 'normal' diet on Friday night as I'm finally going to be doing a proper food intolerance test.So far, I've had pizza, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, English Muffins and I've also been using butter and taking cow's milk in my tea. So far, so good. The symptoms of my food intolerances haven't kicked in yet. Sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks. I'm planning a meal out soon, to an Italian, where I'm gonna go crazy and have bread rolls, pasta and hopefully Tiramisu! Then I'll do the test. I'm making sure to have all those things I usually miss so much while I still can!
But what's really odd is that when I'm eating the 'normal' food, I find I prefer my gluten and dairy free versions. Junk food especially makes me feel utterly wrong. It's made me really aware of how healthy my diet normally is. It's scary to think how unhealthy my diet might be without my food intolerances.
It's sort of ironic then, that I'…