RECIPE Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Pancake Mix

I hosted my first ever pancake party last night and it was a big hit!
6 of us sat around a table and could pick from sweet and savoury pancake fillings including bacon, cheeses, fruit, lemon and maple syrup. Only one person went for the traditional lemon and sugar and that was my hubby!
It was great hearing people say "Have you tried this with that yet?!" and it made an hour slaving over a hot non-stick pan all worth it.

In all, I made 3 batches of pancakes.
1 - Using the Mrs Crimbles Mix, I just added 2 eggs and soya milk. The photos above are of these pancakes.
2 - Using a recipe for 'Brittany Pancakes' from a gluten free cook book and I used Dove's gluten free flour, one egg and soya milk.
3 - Using a recipe for 'American Buckwheat Pancakes' from the same cookbook and I used Dove's Gluten Free flour and cow's milk.

I can honestly say that the ones that kept their shape and were the easiest to cook were the Mrs Crimbles ones. I got a perfect batch of 8 pancakes from the box. They tasted great and had a light texture, with slightly crispy edges.

So if you missed out on pancakes last night and you're considering a pancake fest after work tonight, I'd highly recommend this mix for ease of use and perfect results.


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