Look What We Found Soup

Wow, it was actually just over a year ago that I first blogged about Look What We Found.
And I finally got around to buying one of their products!
I bought this soup packet from Asda (not my usual supermarket and I haven't seen them in Tesco, so that's my excuse!)
I eat a lot of soup. It's probably my favourite lunch.
But since I've cut out dairy I'm really struggling to find any that are free from gluten and dairy.
The soup pictured is Look What We Found's Country Cured Ham and English Pea soup.
I was initially impressed by the colour. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's a really natural and healthy looking green and the smell was fantastic.
The taste was... nice. I think I was expecting really strong flavours but they were subtle and understated. However the flavours were definitely natural and not overpowering as some pea soups can be. The seasoning was just right (I would usually add seasoning to ready made soup but didn't feel the need) and the bits of ham were tasty yet a little small.
I'd give this soup a 7/10 and would buy it again.


  1. the chicken and thyme soup i have had and it's gluten and wheat free (i am a coeliac). Great when working that you dont need to keep them cool!


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