Doherty's Gluten Free Sausages


Found these in the frozen section in Asda (most poorly managed section I've ever seen in a supermarket! Vegetarian and GF food all mixed in together with the 'good for you' range of Asda frozen meals!)

Have been trying to get these for ages. I once ordered a big home delivery from Asda with these on and they emailed me at the last minute to say that they couldn't fulfil the order.

Anyway I finally found my namesake sausages. The cooking instructions on the back said shallow fry or grill but I decided to just bake them in the oven as I was still working and I couldn't keep an eye on them.

They cooked in about 20mins and looked like this (above.) Quite an odd texture but a great taste. I sliced them and used them in a Jolof and it was yum. My husband said that the sausages tasted 'old school'. I think he meant that they tasted like sausages we had when we were kids, just pork, none of those fancy ingredients you get in sausages nowadays like herbs and caramelised onions etc!

The sausages are a good size too and I mentioned that they would be great for hot dogs and hubby agreed. Pity about the general quality of GF hot dog buns!


  1. Dear Debra,

    I just noticed your blog, and wanted to thank you for the favourable report you gave our Gluten Free Sausages.

    We are certainly finding that they are increasingly popular and we really appreciate the positive feedback and publicity you have given us.

    We would suggest that you try them either shallow fried or grilled as in our opinion this shows them to their best advantage.

    Our sausages are indeed made to an old recipe which has been in the Doherty family for generations.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries about this product. Please follow us on our facebook page at:

    Thank you once again for your kind interest.


    Matthew Doherty
    James Doherty (Meats) Ltd

  2. Hi Matthew!
    I buy these sausages quite often now (from Asda) and have found that shallow frying is the best way to cook them. They are really tasty and I'm so happy they are easy to get hold of and less expensive than the other gluten free sausages on the market. Any plans to bring out any other GF products?

  3. Dear Debra,

    Thank you for your kind feedback. Asda is the only retailer currently stocking our GF Sausages on the UK Mainland, and we are pleased to hear that you had no problem in finding them.

    We are currently investigating various different options with regard to new product development and would certainly consider another Gluten Free line.

    As always we greatly appreciate all feedback from our customers, and are open to suggestions with regards to developing new Gluten Free products.

    Thank you for taking the time to review this product, and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any suggestions or queries.


    Matthew Doherty
    James Doherty (Meats) Ltd

  4. Hi Matthew,

    What about GF black pudding? I understand that usually contains flour. There's definitely room in the market for more GF meat products.



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