Call THAT a Sandwich?!

The first stage of my Po'boy - bread sliced in half and baked, lots of mayo, sliced gerkins and tabasco sauce.

The second stage of my Po'boy - I've added slow cooked pork and beef gravy!
The Po'boy below was my husband's creation. What's in it? Everything. And I mean everything.

My dinner last night was out of this world amazing!

I was suddenly inspired to re-create a Po' boy at home as we had leftover slow cooked pork in the fridge. Then, my husband pointed out that we also had leftover beef gravy from the Braised Beef we made on Friday night - so the deal was done.
All we needed to buy was the bread.

We headed to Asda in Cribbs Causeway (It's mahoosive!) and I bought an Asda gluten free part baked baguette (couldn't find a photo or link, sorry.)
I baked it whole for about 6/7 minutes, then I sliced it open and put it back in for another 5 minutes.
The texture was fantastic. For something like this, where your jaw could quite easily become tired and achey, it was perfectly soft and airy!

It was only when we were half way through our epic sarnies that we realised that our New Orleans inspired feast was well timed - today is Mardi Gras!

So, happy Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday etc to everyone!


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