Ainsley Harriot's Cup Soups

Soup in a cup!
Not the most saliva inducing phrase is it? My experience with cup a soup et al goes back to when I was a student. Powdery, even when you've followed the instructions to the letter and stirred for hours, weirdness floating on the top and made from basically flour and colourings.

I was in Sainsbury's looking for lunch ideas for the trade show I go to every year at the NEC, Birmingham.
I figured that if no microwave was available I could utilise a coffee machine in the canteen, use the free hot water and make myself a bit of soup.

As it turns out, the canteen had started selling gluten free sandwiches so the soups went unsupped.

I found the soups in the cupboard on the weekend and decided to give one a go.
The soup pictured is the one I chose and comes from Ainsley Harriot's 'World Kitchen' range of 'cup soups'. This one is gluten and dairy free.
The Tomato, Thai Chicken and Coconut and the Pea and Mint flavours are gluten free but contain cow's milk (and they're all delicious!)

Anyhow the soup was great. Really tasty. Slightly overpowering though and had the traditional weird floaty bits. Overall this is a great convenience food and I'm planning to buy others from the range to try.


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