Well done Birmingham's NEC!

I was at the NEC in Birmingham for 5 days recently working as an exhibitor at a trade fair. It's something I do every year with my job and I usually really struggle to find anything to eat at lunchtime.
I've tried bringing my own lunches but when you're staying in a hotel all week with no fridge, your options are limited.
This year I was pleased as punch to be taking along a loaf of Genius bread as I knew it wouldn't disintegrate on the journey like the bread I took last year.
I also took along tins of tuna and mayo or tuna and red beans with ring-pulls, a pack of GF pretzels and dairy free cartons of milkshake.

I had a bit of a rant last year about the catering at the NEC and the reply I got back to my email didn't fill me with much hope.
So, I almost died of shock when my colleague told me she'd seen a gluten free section in the cafeteria in our hall!
The photo shown is of the first GF sandwich I had there and I had a chicken mayo one the next day. The sandwiches themselves were pretty dry but the main thing is - I felt like a normal, functioning member of society sitting in a cafeteria eating a sandwich just like everyone else. And for that, I plan to send the NEC catering department a lovely email.


  1. I think that's the point, that it's good just to feel like everyone else. I had the same problem when I first became vegetarian some thirty years ago; all people could offer me was salad or an omelette, but vegetarianism gradually became higher profile and now there's no problem when eating out. Shopping is becoming a lot easier for gluten free shoppers these days, and gluten free eating out surely can't be too far behind.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    My sister is vegetarian and we find a lot of parallels with that and being GF. For instance - we both have to eat a lot of chips when we go out!
    I hope you're right about GF eating out. Some of the larger chains restaurants are getting the idea but the independent restaurants have a long way to go.


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