Holey Bread!

Has this happened to anyone else?
All that money I pay for a loaf of bread and half of it is missing :(

Let's see what they say to my email of complaint.


  1. Yes, it seems to happen more often than not, especially with the sliced loaves. How much bread do I need in the freezer to keep for breadcrumbs that I can never find a use for? And it's a jolly expensive way to feed the birds too. I look forward to hearing what Genius says. If you think more emails would help I'd be happy to send one too.

  2. I reckon more emails wouldn't hurt Amanda.
    As consumers we should ask for more. We shouldn't have to put up with things just because we're grateful to have edible bread in the first place!

  3. Yes! It always happens to my Genious bread. Hoping Warburtons is going to be better.

  4. I've only just found your blog so I'm a bit late to the party. Apologies!
    I found Genius to be not only holey but dry and crumbly, same with Warburtons, and that's not conducive to great sarnies. So far, and much to my surprise, I've found Sainsbury's Freefrom seeded loaf to be the best bread substitute. The search for the non-holey grail is still on though :o)


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