Gluten Free & Vegetarian Sandwich from Marks & Spencer

Picked up one of these little babies when I was out shopping on Saturday.
I always struggle to find lunch in Bristol town centre. On Saturday I headed to a noodle bar where I sometimes get rice noodles but it was closed! Nightmare (and I was still half way through my epic 6 hour shopping trip).
Luckily the M&S in Broadmead had one wheat free egg and tomato sandwich left and I was saved :)

Nothing much to say except, brilliant!
Great bread, great filling, fab flavour.

Next time I'll try to head there a bit earlier and get the ham salad version and hopefully, due to their apparent popularity, M&S will add new fillings soon!


  1. Just found your blog. Thank you it is really helpful! am going through all this stuff for the first time and has been great to see some advice about what is good and what is not.
    thanks so much

  2. Hi there.
    No problem at all. I'm glad my blog has helped you in some way :)


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