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RECIPE Proper Poor Curry

It's the end of the month and it's time to bring out the proper poor curry recipe.This recipe is vegetarian, dairy and gluten free and costs about £1.50 a head. My husband always goes 'eurghfm' when I tell him i'm making it but he always goes 'this is amazing' when he's eating it!
For the curry; 1 onion 1 courgette, pepper, sweet potato, potato or a couple of carrots, chopped (whatever is in the larder) 1 tin chickpeas, rinsed 1 tbspn tomato puree 1 chicken stock cube in a mug of hot water 1 tspn chilli powder 1 tspn garam masala 1 tspn curry powder 1 fresh chilli (leave out if you can't tolerate anything too hot) Sprinkle of cumin and fennel seeds
For the rice; 2 handfuls of rice per person 1 tspn of fennel seeds Enough water to cover rice and above by 2"
Method; 1) Fry the onion, then add the spices and the chili. Fry for 3-4 minutes. 2) Add the chopped vegetables and a bit of hot water. Fry for 3-4 minutes. 3) Add the chickpeas and the puree. Fry for 3-4 minute…

A Response About My Holey Bread!

Dear Debra,
Thank you for taking the time to email us about the recent problem you have had with your Genius loaf. We are very sorry to see from the attached images that the white sliced loaf you purchased was obviously not up to the standards that we expect. If you still have the best before date of this particular loaf could you please let us know as this helps us to work out when it was produced so that we can pass the details on to the bakery to investigate? We'll take this matter up with our production manager as the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are extremely important to us.
Please send us your details so that we may respond to you formally in writing regarding the poor quality loaf you have received and will enclose a voucher to reimburse you. We would once again like to offer our sincere apologies and we hope that this experience will not discourage you from choosing Genius bread again in the future.
Best wishes, The Genius Team
I find it is alwa…

Holey Bread!

Has this happened to anyone else?All that money I pay for a loaf of bread and half of it is missing :(
Let's see what they say to my email of complaint.

Well done Birmingham's NEC!

I was at the NEC in Birmingham for 5 days recently working as an exhibitor at a trade fair. It's something I do every year with my job and I usually really struggle to find anything to eat at lunchtime.I've tried bringing my own lunches but when you're staying in a hotel all week with no fridge, your options are limited. This year I was pleased as punch to be taking along a loaf of Genius bread as I knew it wouldn't disintegrate on the journey like the bread I took last year. I also took along tins of tuna and mayo or tuna and red beans with ring-pulls, a pack of GF pretzels and dairy free cartons of milkshake.
I had a bit of a rant last year about the catering at the NEC and the reply I got back to my email didn't fill me with much hope. So, I almost died of shock when my colleague told me she'd seen a gluten free section in the cafeteria in our hall! The photo shown is of the first GF sandwich I had there and I had a chicken mayo one the next day. The sandwiches …

Made Without Wheat - M&S Baps

Do what they say on the pack.Soft, brown and bappy :D
I actually found these at the Marks and Spencer in Birmingham New Street train station. That little shop actually had a wheat free unsliced brown loaf, a lemon sponge cake, a frangipan cake and these. Pretty amazing.
The baps themselves are great. They hold together nicely and have a nice flavour. If anything they could have a bit more flavour. Given the quantity of delicious sounding ingredients on the back, they are slightly bland. They have an odd shape, almost pyramid like. I found I had to slice them into 3 parts to fit into the toaster. But overall, I can't complain. Reasonably priced, soft and easy to slice these baps are the nads.

Gluten Free & Vegetarian Sandwich from Marks & Spencer

Picked up one of these little babies when I was out shopping on Saturday.I always struggle to find lunch in Bristol town centre. On Saturday I headed to a noodle bar where I sometimes get rice noodles but it was closed! Nightmare (and I was still half way through my epic 6 hour shopping trip). Luckily the M&S in Broadmead had one wheat free egg and tomato sandwich left and I was saved :)
Nothing much to say except, brilliant! Great bread, great filling, fab flavour.
Next time I'll try to head there a bit earlier and get the ham salad version and hopefully, due to their apparent popularity, M&S will add new fillings soon!
List of M&S shops selling Gluten Free sandwiches.