Salicylate Intolerance

For a hypochondriac like me, hearing that there's a new food intolerance on the block is cause for alarm and dread.

Until today, I'd never heard of Salicylate Intolerance or salicylates for that matter but it seems that they are causing scores of people problems because they are found in fruit, veg, nuts, aspirin, processed foods and many drinks.

According to Wikipedia -
"Salicylates are derivatives of salicylic acid that occur naturally in plants and serve as a natural immune hormone and preservative, protecting the plants against diseases, insects, fungi, and harmful bacteria. Salicylates can also be found in many medications, perfumes and preservatives. Both natural and synthetic salicylates can cause health problems in anyone when consumed in large doses. But for those who are salicylate intolerant, even small doses of salicylate can cause adverse reactions."

Symptoms include;


Reddening of the eyes and face

Increased tear secretion


Ringing in the ears


Depression - meanness, grouchiness, mood swings, irritability


Pain in the joints, with or without swelling

Other physical symptoms

Chronic fatigue; mental and physical sluggishness, upset stomach, pressure across forehead; heaviness in the head, sensations of swelling, thirst, stinging of the lips and/or throat, hot flashes

Muscle incoordination

Eye muscle disorders such as nystagmus, strabismus

Cognitive and perceptual disorders

Short attention span, inability to concentrate, poor self-image, distorted views of the world

Behavioral Deficits

Fidgetiness, nervousness, workaholism, temper flare-ups, distractability

If you feel you may be suffering from Salicylate Intolerance/Sensitivity consult your GP, then begin an elimination diet. Foods to avoid can be found on this website.


  1. Hi there! I almost died from an anaphylactic shock 30 months back. The cause of it was salicylates. And for 30 months now, I have not eaten any 'outside' food. I have been cooking and baking and making all of my food from scratch. Bread, cookies, cake, even dumpling skins and pastries. Anything which has additives, flavourings, colourings, preservatives, chemicals, MSG will trigger another attack.

    Allow me to share my story:

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. That's truly terrifying but huge kudos to you for finding positivity and sharing your experience to help others xx


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