Sainsbury's Multiseeded Brown Sliced Bread

I picked up a loaf of Sainsubry's new Free From brown loaf the other day. I actually had to look for it, that's how big the free from section is now. It has actually doubled in size since the last time I was in there. Very impressive. My husband thought my squeels might reach a pitch where only dogs could hear.
The loaf is actually teeny tiny. As you can see from the photo, this is the size of it compare to a 'normal' brown sliced loaf from Sainsbury's.

Anyway, I made some sandwiches and packed them ready for my trip to London.
The sandwiches survived the journey and kept their shape. The taste was pretty erm, tasty.
I would describe the texture as being pretty close to the Dietary Specials brown loaf but a little bit lighter. I would normally toast the DS bread first but I didn't have to with this.
The taste is much better than the DS bread. You can really taste the seeds and it was quite different to the white bread out there. (Sometimes you can't tell the difference.)

I'm not sure whether I'd buy again. It makes the smallest sarnies! Might be better for making croutons or garlic bread where the taste is key but the size doesn't matter.


  1. The range at Sainsburys is superb these days. Even with the Estrella Gluten Free lager and some other specialist Belgian lagers that are GF. Its nearly a whole aisle.

    I agree with your problems over the size of the loaf. I like the Sainsburys cakes

    My bread recommendations. The DS and Juvela Fresh (not vacuum packed) M&S entire new range and the new Warburtons (white only)


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