New Sainsbury's Gluten Free Bakery Selection

Sainsbury's have launched their very own gluten free baked goods. You can now buy;

White sliced bread 400g, £1.99
Multiseeded Brown sliced bread £1.99
White rolls £2.29
Multiseeded white rolls £2.29

The seeded rolls pictured above make a cracking bacon sandwich.
I had one last night and was impressed by 3 main things;

I could easily slice it in half
I didn't need to toast it first
It didn't fall apart in my hands when I ate it

The new sliced loaf looks delicious too. I'll definitely buy it soon to try out and review.

You may have noticed that you can also buy Sainsbury's freefrom Chicken steaks, freefrom Chicken nuggets, freefrom Chips and freefrom Fish fingers.

They are really spoiling us!


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