Mrs Crimbles Choc Orange Mini Macaroons

I woke up yesterday and thought, right, 'no more chocolate for breakfast - you can't use Christmas as an excuse any more!'

But I've always thought that chocolate is the best thing for breakfast. Many of my friends agree. I'm not much of a breakfast person and I can generally only face a 'proper' breakfast about 2 hours after I've woken up.

That said, some days I wake up starving so I end up grabbing something (chocolate). Yesterday a lovely sample package containing Mrs Crimbles Choc Orange Mini Macaroons arrived through my door and my no chocolate for breakfast resolution went out the window.

These mini macaroons are surprisingly moist, (I find coconut can be very dry) orangey, chocolatey and more-ish. I polished off 7 yesterday and my husband got stuck into them when he got home from work. (4.5g of fat per macaroon, ouch!)

They are perfect for breakfast and with a cup of tea (ideal biscuit substitute) and I reckon they'd be awesome for kids' lunchboxes.

I'm saving the rest for my coach journey into London tomorrow. YUM!

You can currently buy the macaroons in Sainsbury's and they will be in Tesco and Waitrose shops in a few weeks’ time.


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